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Conference Program

Thursday, July 13, 9:00am - 5:30pm

8:30-9:00am Breakfast & Coffee
9:00-9:15am Opening Remarks
Spatiotemporal Prediction Tutorials
9:15-10:15am Tutorial: Novel Tensor Solutions for Fast Spatiotemporal Data Analysis (Yan Liu, USC)
10:15-10:45am Break
10:45-11:45pm Tutorial: Deep Learning for Spatial Predictions with Applications in Poverty and Agriculture (Stefano Ermon, Stanford)
Lightning Talks Session 1

  • A Deep Learning Approach for Population Estimation from Satellite Imagery
    Caleb Robinson (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Machine Learning for Wildlife Conservation with UAVs
    Elizabeth Bondi (University of Southern California)
  • Analysis of Plant-Pollinator Interaction Networks Using Recommendation Techniques
    Eugene Seo (Oregon State University)
  • Relaxation Methods for Constrained Matrix Factorization Problems: Solving the Phase Mapping Problem in Materials Discovery
    Junwen Bai (Cornell University)
  • Accurate and Efficient Numerical Calculation of the Voigt Profile via Optimized Quadrature and Asymptotics
    Sebastian Ament (Cornell University)
  • Effective Feature Learning based on Deep Networks for Urban Heat Island Prediction
    Sungyong Seo (University of Southern California)
  • A Probabilistic Approach for Learning with LabelProportions Applied to the US Presidential Election
    Tao Sun (UMass Amherst)
  • Learning in Discrete Optimization
    Elias Khalil (Georgia Tech)
12:15-1:00pm Poster Session
1:00-2:00pm Boxed Lunch with Mentor
Multi-agent Decision Making Tutorials (Thurs afternoon + Friday Morning)
2:00-3:15pm Tutorial: Game Theory for Protecting Natural Resources (Fei Fang, CMU)
Lightning Talks Session 2

  • Optimizing CitiBike
    Aaron Ferber (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Exploration of Objective Functions for Optimal Placement of Weather Stations
    Amelia Snyder (Oregon State University)
  • Optimal Wildlife Reserve Design using Spatial Capture-Recapture Models
    Amrita Gupta (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Grid-based land-use composition and configuration optimization for watershed stormwater management
    Ge Zhang (Georgia Tech)
  • Exact Inference for Integer Latent-Variable Models
    Kevin Winner (UMass Amherst)
  • Optimal recovery planning for endangered species under regime uncertainty
    Ryan Finseth (Cornell University)
  • A Hybrid Spatio-temporal Model for Wildlife Poaching Prediction
    Shahrzad Gholami (University of Southern California)
3:45-4:30pm Poster Session & Coffee Break

Panel: Wildlife Conservation Challenges


Moderator: Bistra Dilkina, Georgia Tech

Evening Events
6:00 Reception Dinner on USC Campus: University Club - Scriptorium Room

Friday, July 14, 9:00am - 5:30pm

8:30-9:00am Breakfast & Coffee
9:00-9:45am Talk: AI and Society (Milind Tambe and Eric Rice, USC)
9:45-10:30am Talk: How to advance CS by doing research in Computational Sustainability (Carla Gomes, Cornell)
10:30-10:45am Coffee Break
Multi-agent Decision Making Tutorials (Thurs afternoon + Friday Morning)
10:45-11:45am Tutorial: Multi-agent Sequential Decision Making for Improving Efficiency in Urban Environments (Pradeep Varakantham, Singapore Management University)
Lightning Talks Session 3

  • Violence Minimization in Homeless Youth
    Robin Petering & Ajitesh Srivastava (University of Southern California)
  • Network Analysis of Global Embodied Fossil Fuel Energy Flows
    Anthony Harding (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Dynamic influence maximization under network uncertainties
    Bryan Wilder (University of Southern California)
  • illiad: InteLLigent Invariant and Anomaly Detection in Cyber Physical Systems
    Nikhil Muralidhar (Virginia Tech)
  • Firebird: Predicting Fire Risk and Prioritizing Fire Inspections in Atlanta
    Wenwen Zhang (Georgia Tech / Virginia Tech)
  • Maximizing the Spread of Cascade with Correlated Stochastic Events: Model and Algorithms
    Yexiang Xue (Cornell University)
  • Social Network-Based Substance Abuse Interventions for Homeless Youth
    Aida Rahmattalabi (University of Southern California)
12:15-1:00pm Poster Session
1:00-1:45pm Boxed Lunch with Mentor
Optimization Techniques Tutorials
1:45-2:30pm Tutorial: Discrete Optimization Techniques & Applications in Sustainability (Bistra Dilkina, Georgia Tech)
2:30-3:15pm Tutorial: Robust Optimization & Sequential Decision-Making (Phebe Vayanos, USC)
3:15-3:30pm Coffee Break
3:30-5:00pm Hands-on Activity (Thomas G. Dietterich, Oregon State University)
5:00-5:30pm Presentation by Teams & Final Remarks
Organizing Committee
Local Arrangements