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[Video] DRNets can solve Sudoku, speed scientific discovery

Cornell Chronicle - Sep 16, 2021


Computational sustainability meets materials science

Nature Reviews Materials - Jul 26, 2021


Computational sustainability trailblazer honored

Cornell Chronicle - Mar 9, 2021


[Video] AI for Conservation, Bistra Dilkina

MD4SG Seminar - Oct 30, 2020

Many Rivers, Too Many Dams

The New York Times - Oct 2, 2020


How Birds Respond to Extreme Weather

NASA Earth Observatory - Aug 19, 2020

Ornithology lab releases high-resolution migration maps

Cornell Chronicle - Mar 3, 2020


[Video] Top 10 Coolest Army Science and Technology Advances of 2019!

U.S. Army CCDC Army Research Laboratory - Dec 18, 2019


A Recap of CompSust DC 2019

Computational Sustainability Blog - Nov 5, 2019

Deep Learning Model Cuts Time to Produce Hi-Res. Land Cover Maps

Georgia Tech College of Computing - Jun 19, 2019

How many taxis can scan a city? Fewer than you'd think

Cornell Chronicle - Jun 11, 2019


Investing in leading minds—Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship

Microsoft Research Blog - Apr 30, 2019

Stefano Ermon recognized

How AI could save the environment

TechRepublic - Apr 19, 2019

[Video] Keynote - David Shmoys - Algorithms for the Operation and Design of Bike-sharing Systems

Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble (LIG) - Feb 19, 2019


AI adjusts for gaps in citizen science data

Cornell Chronicle - Jan 25, 2019

New maps light up information on birds

Cornell Chronicle - Dec 4, 2018


Learning from the big picture

Nature Materials: News & Views - Nov 23, 2018

[Video] Motivate V5 720 30p 1

POMS Applied Research Challenge - Jul 31, 2018

[Video] The Point of a Ride - Short Documentary

Peter Gerard, Bicycle Film Festival, New York - Jul 31, 2018

[Video] Towards Globally Beneficial AI

IJCAI - Jul 19, 2018

Stefano Ermon: 2018 IJCAI Computers and Thought Award

[Video] Public Lecture: Counting on Conservation

International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC) - Jul 2, 2018

Milind Tambe Receives IJCAI 2018 John McCarthy Award

USC Viterbi - May 23, 2018


New Research Unveils Bird Migration Strategies

Cornell Lab of Ornithology News Releases - May 8, 2018

You Are What Your Friends Eat

USC Viterbi School of Engineering - Apr 11, 2018

Phase Mapper: Accelerating Materials Discovery with AI

AI Magazine - Mar 23, 2018

Featured on the cover page

A new way to fight the spread of infectious diseases

USC Viterbi School of Engineering - Feb 8, 2018

[Video] Oceanic plastic trash conveys disease to coral reefs

Cornell Chronicle (CornellCast) - Jan 25, 2018


This AI Hunts Poachers

IEEE Spectrum - Jan 6, 2018

[Video] Predicting and Alleviating Road Flooding for Climate Mitigation

Data Innovation: Generating Climate Solutions - Nov 12, 2017

AI for Discovering Clean Energy Materials

Cornell Research - Oct 19, 2017

[Video] Computational Sustainability: Computing for a Better World

Microsoft Research - Oct 16, 2017

Bart Selman @ Microsoft Research India Workshop on AI and Social Good

[Video] Learning with limited supervision

USC Viterbi ISI Seminar Series - Sep 29, 2017

[Video] AI, People, and Society

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2017: The Edge of AI - Jul 18, 2017

[Video] AI for Earth

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2017: The Edge of AI - Jul 18, 2017

[Video] CompSust-2017 Doctoral Consortium on Computational Sustainability

CompSustNet - Jul 14, 2017

Includes a YouTube playlist for each day

[Video] Dr. Mary Lou Zeeman - Math, Tipping Points, and Planet Earth

MSRI / National Math Festival - May 15, 2017

The Coffee-Songbird Connection

Scientific American - Apr 18, 2017


Angela K. Fuller elected to "Fellow" in The Wildlife Society!

Cornell DNR Blog - Apr 10, 2017


And the Winners of the Big Data Innovation Challenge Are...

The World Bank News - Mar 27, 2017

Stanford Sustain team won the Food Security award

Awards for Computational Sustainability Papers at AAAI-17 and IAAI-17

Computational Sustainability Blog - Mar 22, 2017

CompSustNet members Xiaojian Wu, Daniel Sheldon, and Stefano Ermon won best paper awards in the CompSust track; Douglas Fisher gave a senior member summary talk.

Innovations in building intelligent cities

Princeton University - Mar 13, 2017

[Video] HEALER: Using AI to Raise HIV Awareness among Homeless Youth

AAAI Video Competition - Feb 12, 2017

Winner: Best Video and Best Student Video


New Weiss fellows and teaching award recipients honored

Cornell Chronicle - Feb 9, 2017

Steven Strogatz recognized

2017 Festival: Dr. Mary Lou Zeeman, Bowdoin College

2017 National Math Festival - Jan 24, 2017

[Video] Japanese Company Replacing 34 Employees with Artificial Intelligence

CNN Newsroom - Jan 6, 2017

Prof. Milind Tambe talks about Artificial Intelligence, jobs and social good.


[Video] Taking a Big Data Approach to Estimating Species Abundance

TDWG 2016 Annual Conference - Dec 7, 2016

Machine-Learning Software Scans Satellite Images to Find Hidden Poverty

Scientific American - Dec 1, 2016


Computing cost-effective wildlife corridors

Mongabay Wildtech - Nov 11, 2016

[Video] Economics of Sustainable Coffee

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Nov 7, 2016

I Had to Run

Data that moves you, DataCrunch - Nov 1, 2016

[Video] AI for Poverty Mapping

The White House Frontiers Conference (National Track) - Oct 13, 2016

Prof. Ermon speaks at 2:14:45

Materials To Do Anything Under The Sun

Cornell Engineering Magazine - Sep 17, 2016

Meet The Technology Tackling Poverty From Space

Headlines for the Hopeful - Sep 8, 2016

[Video] Combining satellite imagery and machine learning to predict poverty

Stanford Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence Lab - Aug 15, 2016


Data Science Fellowship Delivers Results for Refugees Resettling in Atlanta

Georgia Tech College of Computing News - Aug 2, 2016

Bistra Dilkina (Georgia Tech) is a co-director of Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) - Atlanta

[Video] Harnessing artificial intelligence to target conservation efforts

World Economic Forum - Jun 26, 2016

[Video] 4th International Conference on Computational Sustainability (CompSust-2016)

CompSustNet - Jul 8, 2016

Includes a YouTube playlist for each session

State of North America's Birds 2016

eBird - Jun 16, 2016


[Video] Green Security: How AI can help protect endangered wildlife, fish, forests

CCC Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Social Good - Jun 7, 2016

Milind Tambe's talk in the Environmental Sustainability Panel


[Video] Understanding and Managing Ecosystems through Artificial Intelligence

CCC Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Social Good - Jun 7, 2016

Tom Dietterich's talk in the Environmental Sustainability Panel


State of North America's Birds 2016: More Than One-Third in Need of Conservation Action

All About Birds - May 20, 2016


[Video] Computational Sustainability @ GT

CCC Computing Research Symposium - May 9, 2016

Bistra Dilkina's poster presentation, CCC Symposium on Computing Research to Address Societal Needs.


[Video] Computational Sustainability: Computational Methods for Sustainable Development

CCC Computing Research Symposium - May 9, 2016

Carla Gomes' Keynote address, Computing in the Physical World session, CCC Symposium on Computing Research to Address Societal Needs.


Outwitting poachers with artificial intelligence

NSF - Apr 22, 2016


[Video] Save the Wildlife, Save the Planet: Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS)

Feb 1, 2016

AAAI'2016 best application video